14-16.5.2020 - EBCOG, European Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dear Finnish members of NFOG !

As you may know, NFOG decided to have its next congress in 2021, not in 2020, to facilitate your presence at the EBCOG, European Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Bergen May 14-16, 2020.
We hope to be able to expose the brilliance of Nordic Ob/Gyn-science to the whole world at this congress. There will be excellent sessions galore- in a new and improved manner- so that all recognized contributions will be presented orally. In addition, there will be «Hands-on-training-sessions” as well as “Meet the experts”and “Quizes”, and of course, several social arrangements!
The regular European «trainee-exchange» will take place in Norway at the same time, and will conclude at the congress with scientific sessions and the ENTOG-AGM and dinner.
You will find all details on https://www.ebcog2020.org/, and for further information contact Knut Hordnes and Jone Trovik in the local committee.
The invitation for abstracts has been opened, so start writing your scientific contribution as soon as possible!
If you have scant knowledge of what EBCOG-European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynecology stands for, it suffices to say that Nordic Ob/Gyn might not have reached the high standard of to-day without the log-book, competence-assessment and hospital visitations that the national associations and EBCOG together introduced in the nineties.
Wishing you the warmest welcome!

Prof. Jacky Nizard
EBCOG/Bergen 2020 Congress President

Prof. Jone Trovik
Local Congress President

Yngvild Hannestad
Knut Hordnes
Rolf Kirschner