27.8.2020 - New information for members about AOGS


Dear NFOG member

AOGS or Acta has been part of the membership of your national professional obstetric and gynecologic society and thus of the Nordic Federation, NFOG. Until 2013, members received the printed journal every month, but from 2013, AOGS moved to a largely online-only distribution of the journal for as many of you as possible in accord with widespread modern practice. There is, however, an opt-in possibility for a print-copy for those of our members who wish to retain this. However, member print copies will end at the end of 2020 when only the online version will be available to NFOG members.

If you wish to receive a printed copy (no additional charges required), then please send an email to your national society secretary to request this. The secretary will then provide you with contact details for Wiley Blackwell’s membership services and you will be asked to contact a dedicated person in that department. That way, we can verify that you are in fact a member entitled to receive an opt-in print copy of the journal.

We are hoping to significantly reduce the number of printed copies. The savings on print and postage will be channelled into journal development and to NFOG activities. This will reduce costs for the national societies and you as a member. The Editorial Board is actively working to improve the journal, raise its impact factor and keep it a venue for publishing quality research work. Internationally it should showcase what is being achieved in obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive medicine in our part of the world. It is our Nordic professional journal, enjoying your support and supporting you.

As part of your membership of NFOG you are entitled to online access to AOGS through Wiley Online Library. Featuring a clean and simple interface, this online service delivers intuitive navigation, enhanced discoverability, expanded functionalities, and a range of personalization and alerting options. Sign up for email alerts and RSS feeds, search for related content and click through to references.
In addition, there is the AOGS app which allows NFOG members to access full-length articles on mobile devices.

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