The World-wide Campaign for Women’s Health was conceived and set-up by the FIGO Committee for Women’s Health and Human Rights, with the aim of raising awareness in the international public as to some important fields of Gynecology and Obstetrics.

So as to facilitate the distribution of the messages, the information, originally written in English, has been translated into various languages and it was decided to start dissemination exclusively through Social Networks.


A message will be launched on a specific topic covering prevention as from 1st March, every day, up until 8th March, with the invitation to all Facebook friends to take care of themselves and others by sharing the page.


We shall be speaking about lifestyle, prevention of sexually transmitted infections, benefits of hormonal contraception, how to prepare for a pregnancy and how to face pregnancy and birth in the best possible way, why and how to preserve fertility in both men and women affected by cancer, prevention of gender-based violence and respect for women.

After each message, there will be links you can click on if you would like more detailed information.


Feedback will be collected from the “web population” to produce material that can be downloaded on line and printed, so that the information included in the campaign may be further disseminated throughout the world .

We should like to thank the Foundation Medicine Tailored to the Woman (Fondazione Medicina a Misura di Donna) – ONLUS for the precious contribution.